Ökomarkt e.V.

30 years of successful work
Ökomarkt e.V. was founded in November 1986 by dedicated consumers and organic farmers. Through systematic public relations and information work, Ökomarkt e.V. has considerably contributed to increase the demand for organic products. Our competent and qualified team advises consumers in the field of organic farming, organic food and a healthy and balanced diet.

Our Goals
The central aim of Ökomarkt e.V. is to encourage organic farming and a sustainable way of life by:

  • informing about the advantages of organic production and food
  • putting together addresses for organic and fair purchases
  • advice on questions concerning healthy nutrition
  • support for producers and traders.

Difficulties in the beginning
More and more consumers increasingly questioned the quality of food products. The environmental compatibility of production processes became more vital and important. At first it was difficult to obtain organic-grown products. Therefore, consumers established a purchasing pool and producer-consumer communities. They bought their products directly from regional farmers and producers who followed the guidelines of organic farming. At the same time an increasing number of engaged consumers pointed out that nutrition and health correlates and that diseases of our modern civilization are caused by malnutrition and can be healed by a healthy diet. All this was happening with the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in the spring of 1986 that also generated fallout on German fields.

Bio for children – Appropriate meals for kindergardens and schools
The project “Bio für Kinder” advises kindergardens and schools to introduce or enhance healthy and organic food for children and teenagers. A team of nutrition scientists and environmental pedagogues creates the general conditions in institutions, develops suggestions for the modification of the kitchen area and offers educational work on nutritional issues.  From 2004 to 2006 the concept for training and advice was developed within a research and development project by Ökomarkt e.V. in cooperation with the Hamburg University of Applied Science (Department of Nutrition and Home Economics). It was successfully implemented in ten model institutes.

FORUM Berufsbildung
Organic is modern. More and more consumers decide to use organic products.  As a result of an increasing market for organic products, the need of qualified personnel at the point of sale increases, too. Dedicated consumers seek for a comprehensive and qualified advice about the multitude of organic products.  There have been educational and training measures concerning “nature food” in northern Germany since 2001. The Forum Berufsbildung Hamburg was established on basis of the extensive and long experience by Ökomarkt e.V. – Fokus Bio. Since that time, more than 3.500 members have been trained and qualified.

Shopping fair and organic products and saving money with the ÖkoCard. The organic consumer card of Ökomarkt e.V. entitles the members to buy organic food, products and services by organic oriented contractors in greater Hamburg at a reduced rate. More than 80 shops and companies of ecological food, building, living, energy, mobility, fashion, wellness and health assure ÖkoCard owners discount.

bio-hamburg.de – Enjoying life and region the natural way
Where can I buy organic products in my neighborhood? When and where will the next courtyard party take place? What should I cook tonight? What does “organic“ and „eco“ really mean? bio-hamburg is the consumer portal for all questions about organic products and sustainability. On our surfer-friendly website, the visitor can find information about addresses of shops providing ecological food, nature-drapery, building material, furniture and many others. They can also find event dates, recipes, tips and information about the latest trends in organic farming, food & drinks, health & wellness, fashion & cosmetics, living, construction & energy. It is also possible to order more in-depth information brochures and booklets. bio-hamburg is used as a platform for everybody actively participating in the organic business. Up to date offers and exciting business portraits give the consumer an inside look on the whole spectrum of Hamburg’s organic scene. Thus you can enjoy shopping and your spare time in a natural way.